Child Star Controversy


A recent spate of television talent shows has once again raised the issue of child stars and their appearance on-screen.

In particular, Britain’s Got Talent attracts a number of young children and their parents, hoping to make it as performers. Last month saw nine year old Malakai Paul breaking down in tears during his performance in front of the panel of celebrity judges and a large public audience; provoking numerous complains and concerns over whether television companies were putting their ratings before the welfare of young children.

The laws protecting child performers, which look at things like working hours, educations and welfare, were introduced in 1968 and are currently up for discussion. Apparently ministers will begin meeting with broadcasters including the BBC and ITV and production companies such as Simon Cowell’s firm SyCo, to discuss ways to protect vulnerable young people taking part in high-profile series. The government report, which will be the focus of these discussions, has set out proposals to reform areas relating to working hours, medicals, education, children under 14 and chaperones.

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