Dog Attacks

It seems as though barely a week goes by without some kind of dog attack being reported, and statistics show that these attacks resulted in over 6000 adults and children being admitted to hospital in March 2010/2011.

Yesterday it was reported that a three year old girl and her five year old sister were attacked, whilst at the park with their mother, by a type of Mastiff called a South African Boerboel. Whilst today, breaking news informed the public that five Metropolitan Police officers have been seriously injured by a pitbull-type dog. In this incident it appears that the officers were injured when they went to make an arrest in East London; the dog was shot dead and the owner has been arrested.

If you own a dog or are responsible for handling dogs, then you have a duty to protect others from the danger that a dog could potentially cause. Owners can be convicted if their dogs’ attack someone, and can also be prosecuted, under the Dangerous Dog Acts of 1991 & 1997, for keeping certain types of dangerous breeds.

If a dog has attacked you then, due to the owners’ negligence, you could be entitled to claim compensation against them for your injuries. Please contact our personal injury team today for help and advice, and we may be able to help you recover compensation.

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