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24th April 2012

Where there is a Will there is a proper way

The Legal Services Board which oversees the regulation of lawyers in England and Wales has found systemic problems with Will writing services, saying that 20% of Wills contain mistakes.  Research undertaken by the LSB indicates simple errors, consistent patterns of carelessness, and poor communication such as getting amounts and names wrong and worse still, it is proved to be happening far too often.

Currently anybody can supply a Will-writing service, the LSB wants to introduce all providers to be regulated and for solicitors to face closer inspections. Proposals have been put forward for a new directive on all Will-writing which aims to provide better protection to consumers and the services that they are paying for in good faith. Controversially, The Law Society has suggested that only solicitors should be allowed to offer Will-writing services.

David Edmonds, chairman of the LSB says “Making a Will is something everyone should do. It is one of the most important actions that individuals take,”

The LSB is currently discussing what other forms of legal advice should be regulated. At present advice on unfair dismissal and family cases can be provided by individuals who are not legally trained and questions as to their ability to offer the correct service and advice is currently under scrutiny.

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